Callie Nickerson is Janise Keri's homie from Texas.

She has a wide knowledge on repair, scrapping, and restoration of cars. The Make and amount of Damage doesn't exactly matter to her. According to her, the knowledge and ability to fix automobiles were from her days of junkyard diving, grabbing salvage from cars and refurbishing them.

Just don't ask her to change the timing on your car, she will KILL you.


Callie lives in a fairly modest garage, spending most of her time repairing wrecked cars or stripping parts from cars she got from the local junkyard: Mile High Scraps.

The living quarters of her garage isn't saying much compared to other hotshot repair shops. As soon as you enter her room, you can see the repair table, Spring Puller, Tire Balancer, all the stuff you would see in a garage. Then you actually explore it and you find lots of new stuff. On the repair table is welding mask and a blow torch, with a 2,993 C version for REALLY tough jobs. Next to it, there's an idler pulley that's been sitting there for quite a while.

To the right of the repair table is the Salvage Check. This is where Callie checks salvaged parts for value and re-usability. The ones that are practically broken are sent to the rejects pile, which is doomed to be melted down by the furnace in the main section of the garage. Parts that are still in good shape and can be repaired are placed in racks that hold the parts until they are taken out for use or repairs.


  • Cramping Back: Due to frequent planking while trying to reach for parts that are deep inside the car, Callie has the occasional cramp.
  • Concussion: Callie once had a concussion after letting an entire box of pistons, radiator caps, spark plugs and idler pulley's fall on her delicate noggin
  • Second Degree burn: While using solder tools, Callie accidentally singed the back of her hand so bad that there is a scar in the shape of a cut. It is also the reason why Callie stays away from solder tools.