Daniel Elmbridge's new car dealer service, Outset Racing offers interesting kits for newcomers, hence its name. Outset Racing delivers starter cars at competitive prices!

Starter Cars - More to be added

  1. Front-wheel drive; Familiar, but also quite fast! These are easy to control and are suitable for beginners. Track-based equipment comes standard.
  • Dodge Neon ACR '99 - Despite its lemon status, it was among the most competitive track day cars of the 1990s. It is very cheap to buy and maintain, as long as one has enough mechanical skills. Basic track modifications and roll cage comes standard.
  • Ford Focus ST170 '00 - A popular British hatchback that brought a fair challenge to the Germans. The ACR spec is a popular alternative to the equally competitive Neon and Miata on the track. Like the Neon, safety equipment comes standard.
  1. Rear-wheel drive; The choice for many sports cars in the world. Oversteer might be an issue, but don't forget that you have more tuning options if you go for RWD.
  • Mazda MX-5 Spec Miata(Random Year) - One of the most popular sports cars of all time, it is universally applauded both by street racers and club racers. It can be tuned to rule the 1/4 mile, tricky courses, or even go sideways; the possibilities is infinite! By default, the MX-5 is built for Cup spec, which means that this build is race-specialized. Thanks to the deal with Mazda, Outset Racing will always sell a MX-5 Spec Miata.
  • Porsche 944 Cup '90 - A highly underappreciated car from an exotic brand, the 944 might be more valuable than any other Porsche in terms of versatility. Being Front-engined, it can drift and is more stable than the 911 in turns. 944 Cup spec 944s are available in Outset Racing to help start your career. If a agreement with the Porsche club is in hand, then chances will be that the 944 will stay permanent in this rotation.
  • Dodge Dart '69 - If you are going for muscle, this would be a good start. Sure, it won't come with a Hemi, but at the upside you can expect it to turn faster. A lot faster than many people would expect. It was inspired from road-going Trans Am models. A 225 Cubic inch Slant 6(that makes 180 hp) is standard, but you can swap with whatever Mopar powerplant you want.


  • The Neon costs around $15500, whereas the Focus costs $500 more.
  • Both the Porsche 944 and the Dart costs $33000 in full cup spec.
  • Daniel claims that the cup spec of any of the four cars are more competitive than the last season's winner .